Interventions in Mental Health

Interventions in Mental Health

American Psychiatric Association (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders, Fifth Ed. [DSM-V]. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association.

Module 10: Interventions in Mental Health (Wrap Up)


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Can you believe we are nearing the end of the semester already?! Thus far we have read through and discussed nearly every classification of disorders. While I would have loved to have been able to take you on a journey through the entire DSM, that is simply not possible at this level course. I hope you still feel as though you have gained a better understanding of disorders and how to navigate the DSM!

For our final content Module, we will be focusing on the intervention side of the course. In the module, you will find a PP and text readings on various common interventions. 

For this module you will be expected to:

*Read through the all the content provided. 

*Chose a theoretical intervention that interests you. It may be one presented here or another you are familiar with). Find an outside article (peer reviewed/ scholarly please). ->>

*You will then complete the related discussion reflection post (located in drop box) on your chosen theoretical intervention, using both the resources provided and your outside resource, all cited in APA 7th edition. If you do not choose an intervention presented in the readings, you must find two outside resources on the theory and intervention, in addition to using the text and DSM as a guide. 

For you Reflection Discussion: 

Clearly define and describe the intervention chosen. Include any relevant historical content (i.e. founders and related theories). The choose one to two diagnoses or clusters that could be treated with this intervention. Explain why this intervention is appropriate for treatment. Use your sources to back this up! 

Once you have completed this module, please go into the FINAL module and follow all prompts there, including completing the final discussion reflection. 

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