Interview with a Nurse Leader

Interview with a Nurse Leader

You will interview a nurse leader in person. You should begin thinking about this activity as soon as
possible and identify how you will identify and gain access to the interview. This assignment should
be no less than 1,500 words, with no maximum limit. You may include photos, graphs, or charts. You
will post this completed assignment to the discussion board as this week’s discussion.

  1. Choose a nurse leader who holds the highest professional nurse position in their organization.
    Examples of this include Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Congressperson, public
    policy maker who holds a state level elected office, or a representative in your state’s Nurses
    Association. You may not be employed in the same facility as your interviewee*.
  2. Develop an interview guide before conducting the interview. Identify information that you want to
    know before the interview and plan clarifying questions
  3. Before your interview, submit interview questions to your instructor; wait for suggestions and/or
    changes before proceeding with your interview.
  4. Prepare a written report of the interview using the following format: (1) topic, (2) critique, and (3)
    reflection. Identify the name of the organization and use names of all involved (no anonymity).
    a) Your topic must be clearly and concisely identified, including history/background and
    rationale for the issue/policy.
    b) Your critique of the interview should include (but is not necessarily limited to) an analysis of
    the interactions of the participants, and outcomes of the discussion.
    c) Your reflection about the interview should include your reactions to the interview, its
    processes, and participants. Also include your thoughts on the effectiveness and
    importance of the interview and the topic of discussion as well as any other reactions or
    opinions that you had about the interview. 
  5. Post the interview to the discussion board for the week’s discussion post.
  6. Please read the interviews of (and reply to) at least two classmates. Your responses to your
    peers’ interviews must include a critique of the interview. This should include (but not necessarily
    limited to) feedback to your classmates about the issue/policy and what you learned from the
    interview. This part will be counted toward your discussion grade.

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