Issues In Mental Health

 Issues In Mental Health

HUS 4333 Assessment and Interventions in Mental Health

Textbook Information:  (uploaded with Module 1)

American Psychiatric Association (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders, Fifth Ed. [DSM-V]. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association.

Eunice, I previously sent zip files for modules 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Please keep these for future assignments. All reading & PP material inside.

Module 5 & 6

(2 discussion type assignments)

Module 5: Biological Disorders

Over the next two Modules we will be learning about Biological Disorders.

In Module 5 you will be expected to: 

-Read DSM Section on Depressive Disorder (pp 155- 188)

-Read SDM Section on BiPolar Disorders (pp 123 – 154). 

-Read the case study below

-Provide your own Case Study on one of the disorders presented in the DSM readings. This is to be completed in the associated discussions forum, located in the Submissions Tab. Follow the prompts carefully and completely. 

Case Study Reference

Case Study Presentation:

Jill is a 30-year-old female. Up until 2 years ago, she worked in an accounting firm, quite successfully. She graduated with a GPA from both high school and college. However, her college friends may tell you that she started “acting strange” towards the end of her time at college. She kept busy with work and initially an active social life. Soon after working full time, she started withdrawing socially, spending less time interacting with others, presenting often as jittery. She began deleting her presence from social media, and decreased her phone usage, including returning calls and texts. 2 years ago, she completely stopped contact with everyone; she stopped going to work (or her friends suspect she was fired); she stopped making sense in most situations/ conversations; and let herself go physically (stopped going to the doctor, didn’t shower often, and kept her house dark). When Jill would speak to people, or more likely herself, it was muttered, slurred and full of comments such as “they are watching me.”

Discussion 1


Personalize with ideas that you (as an assessor) feel are missing; what else should you know? Based on her known history and presentation, what do you believe is going on? (Use the text book and DSM for guidance).  

Be sure to cite the text when appropriate. 

Respond to another peer. 

Module 6: Biological Disorders Pt 2


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

In Modules 5 & 6, we have been diving into Biological Disorders, such as Depression and Bipolar type disorders.

In this module you will be expected to: 

-Read DSM Section on Anxiety (pp 189 – 234) *Refer to Textbook and Materials

– Read DSM Section on Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders (pp 235 – 264)

-Complete a Case Study on one of the disorders presented within the discussion forum. Follow the prompts carefully and completely. 

Discussion assignment 2

From the Module 5 or 6 Readings within the DSM on Depressive disorders, BiPolar, anxiety disorders, and Obsessive disorders, create your own case study. 

Choose one of the disorders presented, and create a fictional character. This character must present with the symptoms outlined in the DSM, meeting the diagnostic criteria for one type of Biological Disorder. Note, you may use a character from the media (TV, book, etc.), however if this option is chosen, you must include your source of information and complete a turn it in assessment to ensure your work is original. (this is located in class drop box, also located in the submission tab). An additional option is that your character may have more than one of these diagnoses, which can occur (this is known as co-morbidity). Each disorder must then be presented correctly.

Your post should be presented as a case study (refer to the case study presented in the module for guidance). ANY and all outside works and references MUST be cited. 

Please respond to a peer who chose a different disorder than you did, and provide constructive feedback. 

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