What do you mean by securitization?


Assignment Question(s):

1- What do you mean by securitization? Are there any accounting disclosures for securitization in the context of Local accounting standards? What are the motivations for and alternatives to securitization? Also, discuss the fair value concept of the transferor’s journal entry for a transfer of financial assets in your own words.
2- Pass journal entries in the books of the lease contract by creating lease receivable at its net investment which is equal to the minimum lease payments discounted at the rate of interest implicit in the lease.
3- Pass journal entries in recognition of both an asset and a liability in the books of the lessee at the inception of the lease at an amount equal to the present value of minimum lease payments.
4- Journalize the transactions in the books of the lessor and lessee if the lease meets the criteria for recognition as an operating lease instead of a finance lease.


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What do you mean by securitization


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