Judiciary Worksheet

Judiciary Worksheet

Instructions: Please review and respond to the following questions. Make sure responses are substantive in nature and meet the required word count. There should be at least one reference per question.

  • 1)Was the British-American judicial system looked upon with favor by American colonists? Why or why not? How did it influence and contribute to the development of the American Judicial system? (150 words response)
  • 2)What is the significance of the Marbury v. Madison case? Why is it important regarding the powers of the judiciary? (100 words response)
  • 3)What role does politics play in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices? (100 words response)
  • 4)What is the difference between a prosecutor and a plaintiff? What are the similarities between a prosecutor and a plaintiff? (50 words response)
  • 5)Research what it means to be a justice of the peace and write about it. Many justice of the peace positions still do not require the justice of the peace to have legal training. Should that change? Explain.(100 words response)
  • 6)Research the accomplishments of Chief Justice Warren Burger. What were some Chief Justice Burger’s accomplishments? Do you think he played a positive or negative role in the development of how the Supreme Court functions?(100 words response)
  • 7)How has the American judicial system influenced the development of America’s police forces? Is the Judiciary still influencing America’s police forces today? Explain. (150 words response)


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How the British-American judicial system influenced the development of the American judicial system

             It is evident that American colonists obtained numerous benefits from the British imperial system.  Today, most of the laws that are used in the United States resemble those applied in Britain. For instance, minor criminal offences in both countries are handled by distinct magistrate courts mandated with such duties. To this extent, therefore, we can say that the British-American judicial system was looked upon with favour by American colonists.  However, they did not like some aspects of the law such as heavy taxation. The British-American judicial system contributed to the development of the American judicial system.

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