Are we ready for martial law?

Are we ready for martial law?

Initial post for each module discussion:

At the beginning of each module, address the discussion topic, making sure to meet all of the criteria on the rubric.

A substantive comment should be approximately 350 words or more.

Cite sources within your comment to support your statements.

Include at least two or more reference, properly formatted, not just a link.

Discussion: I’d Rather Face Terrorists Than Lose Any of My Freedoms

Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security:

“Are we ready for martial law? I think we are, because everybody’s sitting back and watching our freedoms being taken away. Guess what? The terrorists are winning because our country has changed in the last decade, and not for the good. We’re a country that’s now living in fear and so are willing to trade our freedoms for safety….”*

Is Ventura just wrestling with over-exaggeration, or is there some truth to what he says?

Are we “sitting back” and allowing the government to extract intelligence from us indiscriminately?

Please support your statements.

*Jessie Ventura on homeland security. (n.d.). Retrieved from On the Issues at…


Module 4 – Background


Required Reading

Implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations: Progress report 2011. DHS. Retrieved from:… [read passages pertaining to counterterrorism]

Protecting the homeland: Intelligence integration 15 years after 9/11 (2016). Homeland Security Intelligence Council and Intelligence and National Security Alliance. Retrieved from…

Review of domestic sharing of counterterrorism information. DHS. Retrieved from…

Required Websites

Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit, ICE.…

Counterterrorism Committees & Working Groups, DHS.…

Counterterrorism Laws & Regulations, DHS:…

Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Program. Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT).

National Counterterrorism Center.



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Are we ready for martial law


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