Law enforcement technology, randomware threat.

Law enforcement technology, randomware threat.

Glassberg, J. (2015). The ransomware threat. Law Enforcement Technology, 42(9), 33-35.

Then, write a case study that answers the following questions:

What was the problem? What were the effects of the problem?
What is the profile of the hacker?
What can be done to protect against the threat?
What should be done if a computer is infected with ransomware?
What type(s) of cybercrime was/were involved in this article? Does the identified offender fit the characteristics for this type of cybercrime?
Your assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages, and you should use APA formatting. In addition, any references used should be properly cited.



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The Ransomware Threat
The main problem in the case was that all the files belonging to the police were infected and affected operations in the entire network of computers in various departments. This occurred when a police officer opened a malevolent software attached in a mail while in line of duty.

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