Listening Assessment & Analysis

 Listening Assessment & Analysis

For this assignment, you will complete, identify, explain, and provide an analysis of your own listening assessment and how it applies to your work environment and your relationships.

  1. Complete your own listening assessment: E-› 2. On this assessment, please assign the number of points (below) to each of your responses and then add them up once completed:
    1 = not at all 2 = rarely 3 = sometimes 4 = often 5 = very often
  2. Reflect on your own listening style/styles, challenges, habits, and observations after you complete the listening self-assessment, and address four main points: 1. Your results, 2. How your results relate to your work or employment 3. how those results relate to your relationships, and 4. your specific goal(s) to maintain or improve your listening skills in the future. 4. Connect your observations and experiences to a scholarly source like our textbook. 5. Formats accepted for this assignment: Video, Audio/podcast, or Electronic Slide Presentation. 2-5 minutes on video, audio, or at least 10 PowerPoint slides with visual aids. If for any reason you prefer not to do a presentation, please write a 2-3 page essay in which you clearly address all the elements and directions of this assignment.
    Assignment Submission:
  • The use of outside resources is required, and all work must be cited and written in current APA format. • When you have completed the assignment, select the “Submit Assignment” button at the top of these instructions and choose a format for submitting your assignment.

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