Consider the Literary Character traits

Consider the Literary Character traits

More information about the assignment will be posted in the file section.MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ALSO THE CHARACTER LIST.

1 Pick your characters ( see the character list/ choose a female and male character from any 2 different works we used in this class

2 Consider the Literary Character traits ( flat/ dynamic/round,…) for EACH of the 3 characters
* Remember you have to use Mrs Tessie Hutchinson and 2 characters of your choice/ one male and
one female
3. Choose 2 Theories ( see below the first Document ” Details of the Final ” for the list of the theories)
4. Consider EACH of your character in terms of the chosen 2 theories, write down your notes
5. After having drafter all these, start with building your essay: Decide if you will be doing Block style or Integrated style ( See the document NOTES from Zoom discussion)
6. Start drafting/ structuring your essay ( Consider the suggested Essay structure details ( in a boxed text) in the 1st document on Details of the Final ( right after the list of Theories).
7. Consider the essay Samples I will post to better understand the essay structure and consider our Zoom discussions!

Please make sure to follow the instructions they are very important. Also I will send you 2 notes that I took for this assignment.





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Consider the Literary Character traits


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