Literature Review Paper

Literature Review Paper

Assignment Overview:
For your Research Proposal Step 2, you will submit your Literature Review matrix for each of your 5 articles, which are to be Levels I-IV. If you have found additional articles, and would rather use them than the first 5 articles you found in Week 1, use them in the Matrix. The Matrix will be based on the
sections you have in your review of literature.
The final copy of your Step 2 Research Proposal assignment is due on or before Sunday at 11:59pm, just before Week 3 begins, at the latest. Be sure to use the file naming protocol: NUR640_EBP Step
Assignment Details:
For this assignment, you will write part of Step 2 of your Research Proposal. Use the discernment gained from your Week 2 work, regarding sample selection when completing the Sample Section on the matrix. Your Review of Literature includes the Introduction with a narrative Hook purpose of the study, primary research question and major Sections/Subheadings in the literature review. Note; you will submit a minimum 4 page paper that includes your completed review of literature, plus your Title Page and Reference Page that clearly identifies the following areas:

1) Narrative Hook Introduction;
2) 5 Research articles with Levels of Evidence of I-IV placed in the matrix;
3) Detailed search strategy that describes the steps used to search sources included in the literature review;
4) Comprehensive review of the literature thus far based on your matrix;
5) There is a summary of literature on the variables, e.g., independent variables and dependent variables;
6) There is a summary of the gaps in the literature (gaps you see in your practice) and the need for the Research Proposal;
7) Step 2 is organized with a heading of each section and a summary at the end that will help transition into Step 3 of your Research Proposal.
Narrative Hook: Describe what the intriguing, compelling reason is for this Mini-Research Proposal.
Research Articles (5) between I-IV Levels of Evidence with APA reference citation on Literature Review Matrix. Complete the Literature Review Matrix Table and embed in your Review of Literature Step 2.
Research Strategy: Describe the Databases you used, and how many articles you found before finding 5 articles that you believed to be the best. Remember that your librarian and Director of DCN LRC is an excellent person to consult with. Also, review the tutorial on using Databases on the DCN Webpage.
Research Matrix: Complete the Literature Review Matrix and embed it into Step 2 requirements.

Summary Review of the Variables: Depending on which level of evidence research articles you have selected, you may have variables of interest, or more clearly identified independent and dependent variables.
Gaps Identified: Write, either from the literature review or based on what you see clinically in your practice, how your Research Proposal will contribute to decreasing the gap.
Headings and Subheading: Use the Headings from your Matrix when writing up each section. Ideally, what you have written in your matrix will ease the writing of this section.
Summary: Use a summary that reflects content from Step 2 Review of literature, which helps synthesize what you have covered.
Note: Your Step 2 of the -Research Proposal should have an introduction and summary of what you have written.

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