Mainstream Society

Mainstream Society

1.What does the American Dream mean in mainstream society? Does everyone have the same chance of reaching it? If not, what could this result in and/or why do people still pursue it? Use examples from the contemporary (i.e., not Marx) Conflict theorists OR strain theory by Robert K. Merton to support your arguments.
2.Following the ideas of the Critical theorists, many suggests that mass media may play a contradictory role in society, offering both the information needed to bring about an informed citizenry and broadcasting mass entertainment that distracts and disengages individuals from debates of importance. Which of these functions do you think is more powerful? Use examples from your theorists to support your position.
3.Reviewing what we have learned from Robert K. Merton, what would he argue are the manifest and latent functions of one of the following: war, religion, education, media? Explain his theory as you support your answer.\

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