Maintaining Academic Integrity

Maintaining Academic Integrity

My skill set as a nurse currently is LTC.  In the facility that I am currently working in we have one unit that is long term which consists of a locked memory unit and of course residents that are there to stay. The other unit consist of residents that have acute diagnosis which require them to be there for a short period of time. On this unit we treat fractures, CVA, TBI, recovering addicts and more. In this setting you may be required to do both focus and comprehensive assessment depending on why the patient is there. The comprehensive assessment is performed during the admission process. When the resident comes on the nurse will gather information about the patient’s general health, lifestyle, medical history and mental status. Patients on the acute side typically have a more focused assessment completed because most of these patients have specific issues that they are having treated. For example, patients that are admitted with IV antibiotic due to an infection from using dirty needles. That is the reason for their visit getting the infection resolved, other than the infection they are healthy. Depending on the type of admissions that we are receiving, determines the type of assessments that are required. We do receive what is called a 3008 form which contains a lot of information about the patient, however sometimes the information is not always accurate. Communication with the patient and the family is a very good resource for gathering accurate information.  Subjectively there are several of the residents that think that they are in their prime. Able to do all the things that they were able to do in their 20’s and 30’s. In reality they haven’t walked or driven a car in many years. As far as being objective, there are some that are very young in age and know that they are not able to walk anymore because their leg has been amputated due to a car accident.

The population in my facility varies from young adults to the elderly. Years ago, when nursing homes or LTC were mentioned, everyone immediately assumed its and “old folks” home. That certainly is not the case now. The youngest resident that I have cared for was a 21-year-old female and the oldest is 101-year-old. I care for people from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds. I call it live entertainment, because with all the different personality, background, and diagnosis under one roof, you never know what is going to happen.

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