Human Resources Management discussion response

Human Resources Management discussion response

Kia Lesson 5 (respond with 50 words)

The first idea, would be to create a forecast labor demand overview. After, predicting the labor demand, management is deciding to downsize, and hire production workers as independent workers. Labor supply in this case, is not a shortage or surplus. It would be transitional matrix, moving employees from one job category, to another. The organization doing a transfer, which speed is usually fast, and suffering is moderate. Some of the transfers will need to be retrained, which my cause delay in speed of results. The organization is retaining current employees to keep the core competency high. The organization is trying to avoid a shortage.

KIA Lesson 6 (respond with 50 words)

According to the text, a successful selection process consist of valid information, reliable information, high utility, legal criteria, and the information can be generalized to apply to candidates (Wright, Hollenbeck Jr &Gerhart 2019). In the selection process, validity is the way performance is measured as test scores relating to how it measures to job performance.

Predictive validation offers better information because the applicants are tested and hired. Predictive validation , after a set period of time, will measure performance of those hired. The applicants past test scores and current test scores will be compared. It is more difficult because it cost more money, and requires time away from production, which reduces sales.

KIA Lesson 7 (respond with 50 words)

Training is very much needed in this organizational dilemma.According to the text, training relates to acquiring knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors ( Hollenbeck Jr, Gerhart & Wright 2019). Training programs would help mentor the employees in groups and one on one mentoring, to discuss any issues of concern. Training programs aid in team building by ways of communication skills, and proper team behaviors. Training programs must be in sync with the organizational needs and mission and goals.

I would create a persons and organizations analysis, to determine who needs the training, which will match the organization’s strategy. What resources and aid in the training programs in this case for team work communication and proper behaviors.


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Human Resources Management discussion response


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