Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures

You are asked to write a report advising Managers working for international organisations on the issues involved in managing staff from different cultural backgrounds.

The main issues to be discussed in this report are: (the introduction is done and it will be given to the tutor)

– How culture influences working styles.

– Different management styles.

– The importance of training managers to become inter-culturally competent.

– Conclusion

*** Total Word count: 1300 – 1400 (not including the references).

*** Use creditable source materials only.

*** References Using Harvard Style.

*** Refer to the attach paper.

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Solution Preview

In today’s global economy, working with people from different cultures is becoming the norm. Although this brings many rewards, it also introduces challenges for both workers and management alike. All managers know that motivating their staff is the key to a successful business. To do this, they must understand what drives their staff. But what if their staffs seem to think and behave in unexpected ways? This can happen when people from very different cultures work together.

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