Mass Unemployment due to Advanced Technology

Mass Unemployment due to Advanced Technology

The advancements in technology and human inventions in automation brought numerous advantages but also some risks and disadvantages. Nowadays, Nanotechnology, Technological Devices, Augmented Reality, AI, and Robots are used in many fields of workforce as they replace people in many job tasks and positions. 


Topic: Mass Unemployment due to Advanced Technology, AI, and Robot Use

Some believe that the advancement of technology and use of AI and robots lead to mass unemployment leaving people without jobs as they are substituted by the machines. Others believe that technological advancements and the use of robots for certain jobs actually lead to new employment opportunities for people Which claim do YOU agree with and w

THE TASK:  Choose one of the claims that you agree with and write an essay that presents your argument/ choice in a clear strong thesis statement and is supported with reasons, explanations, and evidence (examples and quotes from the provided and researched sources). Be sure to acknowledge/ discuss the counterargument (opposing viewpoint) as a refutation paragraph. Demonstrate complex vocabulary, varied syntax, correct grammar usage, and few or no mechanical errors.

(This is also posted in Announcements section where you can also find the ASSIGNED ARTICLES ( Primary Sources) that you have to quote from into your Final Essay. )

Also, consider the SAMPLE Essay to serve an example for the structure, formatting, and citations.

A detailed information for FINAL ESSAY_Eng 101_FALL 2023.pdfDownload A detailed information for FINAL ESSAY_Eng 101_FALL 2023.pdf

SAMPLE ESSAY_ Eng 101 pdf Download SAMPLE ESSAY_ Eng 101 pdf 

Your argumentative essay should follow these guidelines:

  • Should have academic essay structure and a min. of 6-paragraphs: Title, Introduction with clear Thesis, 3 Supportive Body Paragraphs, a Refute Paragraph, and a Conclusion.  * See the document below with the details and requirements
  • Should have one personal experience as an example (Briefly present a personal example/experience in ANY of the supporting Body Paragraphs or in the Refutation)
  • Should follow MLA format and citation guidelines for In-text Citations and for the Works Cited page
  • Should use Primary Sources (any 3 from the 5 articles/texts I provided) AND Secondary Sources: researched by the student (Citations from 2-3 credible sources researched by the student)
  • Should have IN-TEXT citations (quotes/ references)from the provided and researched source: A minimum of 4 and max of 5 quotes (directly or paraphrased  introduced inside of  your essay from the primary and Secondary sources) 

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