Module 05 Business Capstone Project

Module 05 Business Capstone Project

Module 05 Business Capstone Project – Management Information Systems

The owners of MovieFlix realize that they need to modernize their information management systems in order to make their processes run more smoothly and to solve some of their business problems.
• In 2-3 pages, discuss a technology system that you suggest for the company.
o Include why you selected that particular database or information system and how it will help improve MovieFlix’s processes.
o Discuss the potential costs of the system to the organization and how the system will help the company to increase their revenue.
• Remember to use credible sources. Make sure to write your paper utilizing proper APA formatting guidelines, and to include an APA formatted title page. Use NoodleBib to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.
Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.




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Management Information System

The management of MovieFlix should strategically form a management information system that will ensure all members work towards the interests of the company hence leading to smooth running of business processes. Appropriate information system will also help in solving some of their problems which include; borrowing of cash, inadequate skilled employees,

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