Motivation Theories Essay

Motivation Theories Essay

Using the motivation theories, explain either your best, or your worst workplace experience in terms of motivation. Go in detail and provide information on your boss, work, context, environment etc. that affected your motivation. How and why did the situation lead you to perform at your best? Alternatively, how and why did you chose to not be performing according to expectations?

As a reminder, the eight motivation theories discussed:

1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

2.Alderfer’s ERG Theory

3. Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory

4. McClelland’s Motive Dispositions Theory

5. Equity Theory

6. Expectancy Theory

7. Reinforcement Theory

8.Goal Setting Theory

Your assignment should not exceed about three (3) pages in length (Times New Roman font size 12, single or double spaced) that is, about one (1) page for each theory.

This assignment will be graded 70% on your ability to correctly apply motivation theories and 30 % on grammar and spelling. It is therefore important that you carefully edit your answers before turning them in. Please make sure you reference three different theories. Please upload your assignment in the form of a WORD document on the separate link provided in this module right underneath the project instruction.

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Motivation Theories Essay
Motivation theories are principles that have been developed by philosophers and thinkers in business to explain why employees act in a certain manner. There are many theories that can be used to explain the conduct and actions of employees within the workplace and each is different from the other.

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