What is the capital of Iran?

Music Question

World Music Name ___________________________

Study Guide: Middle East

1. What is the capital of Iran? _______________________________

2. The mode or scale of a piece in Arabic music is called _____________________________.

3. The mode or scale of a piece in Persian music is called _____________________________.

4. Describe a chahar mezrab:


5. The mystical movement of Islam that involves musicians and dancers interacting in a complex spiritual ritual is called _______________.

6.Middle Eastern music is almost always __________________, meaning there is only one melody. When several instruments play the same tune in basic unison, but each in a slightly different version, _________________________ is produced.

7. Persian hammered zither-________________ Arabic plucked zither-_____________________ Persian plucked lute-_______________________ Arabic plucked lute-_______________________

8. Vocal and compositional style in Middle Eastern music is derived from the ___________________

9. Define the term tarab


10. List and describe the five types of songs found in the Persian suite:



11. What types of music are considered “halal?” and “haram?”



12. What is the meaning of Musiqi? Khandan?


13. In the Middle East, why would a well-trained amateur musician be held in higher regard than a professional musician?


14. Many Middle Eastern musicians, if Muslim, are members of ___________ sects. Folk music is generally performed by ____________________________.

15. Middle Eastern musicians consider each mode to have a particular ________________________.

16. In Persian music, students study the 300+ pieces that make up the _______________ of their teacher.

17. What were the two main topics of historical theoretical treatises on music?


18. What are two specific examples of how Middle Eastern music influenced the music of other cultures?


19. Umm Kulthum was from which country? ______________________. Her singing was based upon _________________Arabic models and included ______________________ passages.

20. What is ironic about the role of classical music concerts in North America’s Persian communities?


21. What are some of the current issues discussed in Middle Eastern artistic and intellectual circles today?


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What is the capital of Iran


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