Nervous And Endocrine System

Nervous And Endocrine System

Watch the following videos introducing the conditions of Graves Disease and Addison’s Disease. Select one of these disorders to complete your assignment using the questions below.

1. Describe the main organs involved in your chosen disorder

2. Describe the hormones produced by the main organs of your disorder.

3. Explain what occurs when these hormones become unregulated either by disease, genetics, or trauma.

4. List the most common symptoms for your chosen disorder

5. Describe the most common methods of diagnosis

6. Describe potential treatment methods for your chosen disorder.

Assignments Expectations

1. Introduce the overall location and function of the adrenal glands

2.Describe the hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla. How are they classified

3Explain the role of the adrenal medulla in the fight-flight response.

4. What is a pheochromocytoma?

5. List commons symtoms associated with pheochromocytoma

6Why are patients with pheochromocytoma often hyperglycemic

7. How are pheochromocytoma usually treated?

Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each questons above. For example to answer 1. use a descriptive subtitle like the following introduction to the Adrenal Glands.




Solution Preview

Introduction to adrenal glands

Adrenal glands can be described as the two small structures located at the top of the kidneys. Each adrenal gland has two distinct portions; adrenal medulla and cortex medulla The adrenal medulla, which is the inner region secretes hormones not essential to the body like adrenaline hormone,

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