New Testament

New Testament

1. Define and describe the major literary forms (genres) contained in the New Testament.

2. Which part of the New Testament was written first? Who was the author and when did he write?

3. What evidence do we have of diversity in the early Christian community? What portrait of Jesus was painted in the “fifth gospel” of Thomas?

4. Discuss Jewish relations with Rome. What led to the Jewish Revolt of 66-73 CE, and what were its consequences for the Jewish people?

5.Why are Matthew, Mark, and Luke called the Synoptic Gospels? Define Synoptic and explain its application to the first three Gospels.

6. According to the Synoptic accounts, what were Jesus’ characteristic modes of teaching? Define the term parables and aphorism, and give examples of each.

7. Describe some of the scholarly methods used to study the Gospels. Define these scholarly terms, and explain how each functions in analyzing a document: historical criticism, literary criticism, and narrative criticism.

-Word count must be at least 1,250 words for total assignment.

-Must be in APA style including in-text citation (author’s last name, year) and references.

-Must include at least 3 scholarly sources 1 being the textbook.

-Textbook: Harris, S. L. (2014). The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction (8th ed.). Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.

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Analysis of New Testament


Unlike most of the books, which contains various chapters, Bible is significantly different since it is made up of the collection of books. Some describe the life of Jesus and distinct memories that He had on earth and as the Messiah, and there are those which encompass history or the chronicles of the New Testaments (Harris, 2014). For instance, the book of Luke describes the whole life of Jesus as well as His mission.  There are various categories used to classify these books on the bases of the subject contained, while others are grouped according to their authors. The primary genres that are universal include Letters, Apocalyptic, Historical, and Gospels

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