AH154 Case Study 1 and 2

complete Case Study 1 and 2 100 words per 1 question for Case Study 1. No specific sources (no citing or quotes) 1 page for Case Study 2. Use attached readings for Case Study 2

 MAIN DETAILS: Given a managed care referral policy, determine what process needs to be followed to ensure patients will be covered for any costs incurred for specialty care. Case Study 2: You work for a primary care physician who wants to ensure he is providing patients with well-rounded care and not just treating a collection of symptoms they may consult him about periodically. He asks you to research the Patient Centered Medical Home, PCMH, model of healthcare delivery and give him some information on how to transform his practice through using this model. This should include benefits of utilizing this model for the practice and patients.

APA Format,394 words

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