3 day food record

Make up a 3 Day Food Record (no red meat). keep it healthy (Fish, Chicken…) Record all of your food and drink intake for 3 days only on the food record template attached. Print out several of them to use to input what you eat and drink. You must record 3 consecutive days. Two weekdays and 1 weekend day. Thurs, Fri, Sat. OR Sun, Mon, Tues There is also an example of a completed food record attached, as well as the template you will use to submit your information. This is just as much to benefit you, as it is to get a grade. Remember to include all of your water intake! IncludeFor example, don’t state “1 bag of Dorrito’s”, record how many ounce of Dorritos you consumed. I have attached the template you need to use and a example below

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