Oral Pathology Case Presentation

Oral Pathology Case Presentation

Oral Pathology Case Presentation Criteria

Oral pathology involves the study of oral lesions and diseases. Upon completion of this oral pathology case study, the student should be well versed and be knowledgeable of the specific topic presented. For this assignment, the student will complete a digital presentation. Discuss a topic from one of the chapters in the textbook. Examples could be a lesion, disease, genetic condition, etc. Digital presentation requirements: • Media choice could be a video, slides, PowerPoint with voiceover, Prezi, etc. • Clearly and thoroughly showcase the oral pathology lesion, disease, etc. through text, video and/ or audio. Student can choose media with instructor’s permission. • Introduction • Description of the lesion or disease • A discussion of the diagnostic process for that lesion/disease • Treatment and prognosis • Conclusion • References • 5-10 high quality images • Media must be available to instructor as a file or link, submitted in Canvas • Length should be at least 10 minutes for a video presentation, or at least 10 slides for a slide presentation. • APA formatting

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