Organizational Culture and Cultural Competency

Organizational Culture and Cultural Competency

Details: Submit a 2-page paper (not including title page and references) in which you address the following:

Define organizational culture. Identify elements of the culture at People First San Diego using data from the organization’s website.
Analyze People First San Diego’s location, population served, and demographics of the population and staff using data from the organization’s website. With these factors in mind, describe the cultural competencies you would need to work in this organization.
As a leader, explain the specific steps you would take to support a culture of equity and inclusion within the organization. Provide examples and draw from the Learning Resources in your explanation.

Explore People First San Diego’s website Links to an external site.. For this Assignment, focus on the climate and culture as well as information on the organization’s location and demographics. This can be found on the Who We Are, What We Do, and Whom We Serve tabs, and the Dashboard.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to putting people first. Through housing, employment, and mental, physical, and emotional health services, community members have the opportunity to build resilience, wellness, and financial stability.

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Our Vision

To offer hope when people are at their most vulnerable

To partner with others in building a network of wellness across San Diego.

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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Authentic belonging. This phrase drives our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and greater San Diego. We strive to create a space where all have the freedom to be who they are. By welcoming multiple perspectives, we can better solve the complex problems that affect our community.

Transitional Housing

People First San Diego provides transitional housing for qualifying individuals and families. Housing includes 10 studio and six 2-bedroom apartments in the heart of the Logan Heights neighborhood. The organization partners with the Thirtieth Street Shelter and Mama’s Place Food Pantry to ensure transitional needs are met. The stay in transitional housing is up to 2 years.

Medical Clinic

The People First Medical Clinic offers appointment-based and drop-in medical services, including vaccinations, annual physicals, and screenings. Clinic services are provided at no cost or on a sliding-fee scale. Staff can consult with the social work team to provide interdisciplinary care. The Medical Clinic is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Donate Your Time and Skills

Throughout the year, we engage in projects with the help of volunteers who donate their time and skills. In the past, these projects have included fundraising campaigns, grounds cleanup and beautification, food drives (in partnership with Mama’s Place Food Pantry), and professional clothing drives for our Employment and Life Skills clients.

Donate Money

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations from individuals as well as government and private entities. One of the grants we have counted on for many years has been eliminated, leaving us with the potential decision to decrease services. To avoid that scenario, we need to make up the difference through donations. You can support us by giving via the button below.

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