Organizational Design

Organizational Design

Details: Submit a 1- to 2-page paper (not including title page and references):

Organizational design is a formal process of integrating people, information, and technology. Using this definition and the Learning Resources, identify and describe People First San Diego’s organizational design.
Explain how the design supports People First San Diego’s mission.
Explain the importance and function of organizational charts. Then, explain what the People First San Diego organizational chart tells you about the company.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to putting people first. Through housing, employment, and mental, physical, and emotional health services, community members have the opportunity to build resilience, wellness, and financial stability.

Our Vision:
To offer hope when people are at their most vulnerable
To partner with others in building a network of wellness across San Diego.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement
Authentic belonging. This phrase drives our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and greater San Diego. We strive to create a space where all have the freedom to be who they are. By welcoming multiple perspectives, we can better solve the complex problems that affect our community.

In the city of San Diego, 182,000 (or 13%) live below the poverty line, and 4,887 are experiencing homelessness. We are a nonprofit organization offering a suite of programs and services in support of the community. These services aim to help people regain their confidence and their ability to both care and provide for themselves and their families.

Both transitional housing and office spaces are situated on Valle Ave in Logan Heights, San Diego. In the last fiscal year, we were able to assist more than 3,500 community members through our programs and services.

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