Pastoral Care and Burnout

Pastoral Care and Burnout

Use this grid to record your observations about the oft-ignored benefits and pitfalls of ministerial
self-care.  Use short phrases, or even one word to describe the benefits to your family when you
are vitally connected to God, (like:  easier to live with) or when you are disconnected (like: 
grumpy or argumentative).  You are encouraged to look beyond basic observations about
temperament to deeper issues like moral failure, pornography, spouse abuse, etc.  You are also
expected to use the readings as resources.

  1. Post your grid in the discussion forum before the end of the day on Tuesday, (you may
    have to recreate it in the discussion box if it does not copy correctly) and add a brief
    narrative summary (150 words or less) of your observations about the
    importance of self-care – especially for those involved in religious leadership. 
    Remember to add documentation for any quotes or “borrowed ideas.”
  2. Return to interact:  Be sure to respond to any follow-up discussion thread from your

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