Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

  1. Pretend you are a social media expert and have been invited to join a podcast discussing social media and its relevance to a specific societal standard. The podcast will be like an interview, with the show’s host asking you questions to gather insights for the audience. Discuss your chosen topic to discuss in detail with the host of the show, and include at least one theory that supports your statements. Write a transcript of what that interview will look like. Be sure to include citations for any information that was not originally your thought.
    Choose one of the following topics as it relates to social media and societal standards:
    • Role-playing gamesCulture and ethnicityGender and racial stereotypesOlder adultsMental Illness
    *These are just STARTING points of topics. Dig deep here. What about the topic specifically can you focus on for your interview?
    Not sure where to begin? See the example below to get started.Example:John: Hey listeners, and welcome to “Let’s Get Social: The Podcast for All Things Social Media.” Today, we have expert social media analyst Makenzie here to answer some of our burning questions.Makenzie: Hey John. Thanks so much for having me here today!John: Of course. We are so excited to get to learn more about…

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