Poem Analysis, “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost

Poem Analysis, “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost

For our sixth discussion board assignment, please read “Acquainted with the Night (ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.)ارتباطات إلى موقع خارجي.,” by Robert Frost. Think about the poem. Think about the different parts of a poem and what to ask yourself when reading one by reading the poetry introduction pages in your Supplemental Activities Packet. Write one paragraph describing the poem (for example, talk about its background/language, form and meaning). After you are done, remember to also reply to one of your classmate’s postings by commenting on something that they wrote.

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This poem is known as terza rima as it has consecutive tercets and a couplet ending. It has fourteen lines, and uses an aba dad bcb cdc aa rhyming pattern. Frost uses repetition of the phrase “I have” to reinforce his past and the monotony…

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