Population Dynamics

Population Dynamics

Topic: Adverse Effects of Remote Work on Work-Life Balance and Social Cohesion

  1. The following is the Research Project Paper format description. The paper length in pages of text is listed in your
  2. The Reference and Title pages are additional pages (font is 12 point) Margins: Top .5, Bottom .5, Right .5, and
    Left .5
  3. The paper is doubled spaced except as stipulated by APA formatting rules for quoted text. The paper will not
    contain more than twenty-five percent quoted materials.
  4. Sections are only separated by Section Headings. All Sections Headings must be included in your paper. The
    Title page and Reference page are separate pages and do not count in the page length total.
  5. The required number of references and corresponding citations ONLY from peer reviewed journals are listed in
    your syllabus. The Research Project Paper requires 4 hypotheses.
  6. All citations must directly correspond to the references. Each citation required in the paper must appear in the
    Literature Review, Findings and Discussion sections and of the paper and also referenced in the Reference
    section of the paper (i.e., Lopez (2001) is cited and reviewed in the Literature Review; The finding of Lopez (2001)
    is stated and cited in the Findings; Lopez (2001) will also be discussed and cited in the Discussion section and
    Lopez (2001) is referenced in the Reference Section).
  7. Remember: You must use the most current APA Publication Manual Edition for all citations and references.
    Outline of Research Project Paper (Section Headings)
    Title Page Title of Paper in named using the same subject line as required with email communication with the QC suffix changed to
    Abstract An overview of the social problem of interest.
    Statement of Problem A statement of the essential question of your study.
    Literature Review A review of the literature (peer reviewed journal articles) you have read cited according the APA manual.
    Theory The theory you have chosen and the explanation of the social problem using said theory.
    Hypotheses Four core questions you can answer after reading the literature. Stated in the form of research hypotheses.
    Methodology All classes–describe a Meta-Analysis as related to your Research Project Paper topic.
    Methodology and Statistics classes ONLY: You must reference the class lecture on the completion standards for this
    Findings A listing of the answers to the four hypotheses cited according to the APA manual.
    Methodology and Statistics classes ONLY: You must reference the class lecture on the completion standards for this
    Discussion Discuss the implications and ramifications of the Findings using the theory discussed in the Theory section of the paper.
    Conclusion Summary of the implications for the field.

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