Press Release Analysis

Press Release Analysis

Choose your favorite company or a company related to your field of study, and then review a press release made by that company (usually located on the company’s Web site). Include the link to the company’s press release within your primary post so that your fellow classmates can review it.

After reviewing the press release, discuss the following:

Who is the intended audience of the press release?

Did the press release effectively communicate to the audience base? Why or why not?

What is the main message that the company is trying to communicate?

Explain 1 of the strengths of this press release.

Explain 1 of the weaknesses of this press release.

Is the press release effective or ineffective? Explain your response.

Company to be used – Smith and Wesson

Press Release Article to be used-

Solution Preview

Different companies use press releases to explain a particular issue or event within the organizations. While some messages are intended to create a particular impression of the company on the society, others are intended to reach out to people affiliated with the company…

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