Proactive Strategies in the Macroenvironment

Proactive Strategies in the Macroenvironment

Unit 3 Discussion: Proactive Strategies in the Macro environment Unit 3 Discussion: Proactive Strategies in the Macroenvironment
Volkswagen—the world’s 2nd largest automaker (Toyota is #1) with its VW, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini brands—by itself plan to launch 50 EV models and achieve annual EV sales of three million units by 2025.
However, despite potential bumps in the road, Tesla continues its journey from upstart niche to full mass-market brand. It is further diversifying its vehicle portfolio with self-driving EV semi-trucks and the new Cyberstruck slated for 2021—one that promises to shatter more records for speed, acceleration, range, and coolness.
Simulated Business Scenario:
Since Tesla started selling automobiles, Zachary, Tesla’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) has guided the brand to go further and faster than any other vehicle startup in history. He has created the image that Tesla is to cars what Apple has long been to consumer electronics, with the same kind of innovative products and cult brand following. With an ever-changing business environment, Zachary is being asked to create a report detailing a strategy to remain agile and ahead of the competition.
How have technology, natural, and cultural macro-environmental forces impacted Tesla?
What can Zachary recommend in his report to adapt (a proactive approach) and hold off the competition with Tesla in the electric car market?
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