What the researcher wants to do.

What the researcher wants to do.

Assignment Question(s):

Q1 Activity: (2 Marks)

1a. Visit Saudi Digital Library using your student ID/ You can also search from Google and Choose at least 5 research articles on accounting in which you are interested and would like to investigate. You might have observed that every article starts with an Abstract, explain in your words what is an abstract and how does it help other researchers.

1b. Write the title and author of each article and summarize the finding of each author in all the 5 articles and write a critical comment on them.

1c. Develop one Question/ Topic of your own based on all the comment you made from the summary above.


2. Research proposals includes: 1. Title, 2. Abstract, 3. Issues, 4. Objectives, 5. Literature, 6. Method, 7. Benefits.

Write down a research proposal on the question developed in Q1. (1.5 Marks)

3. Data collection depends upon the choice of research method adopted like: 1. The research question, 2. Data access and 3. What the researcher wants to do.

Develop at least 10 questions on the objectives you created in your proposal to collect data/ Survey. (1Mark)

4. The trade-off between reliability and construct validity has been referred to between internal/external validity. Explain them. (0.5 Marks)

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What the researcher wants to do.


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