Psychological development

   Psychological development

Introduction to Psychology

Mid-Course Exam 3 – Part 2

Answer the four questions one by one, do not write into a complete essay.

1.What themes and influences mark the social journey from early adulthood to death? Which of the theories of human development most aligns with this journey? Why?

2.In your own words, explain why psychology has generated so much research on the self. Use an example of a personality theory and explain how it has contributed to psychology and to human well-being.

3.Describe cultural and situational factors that influence hunger. How do these differ from physiological factors that produce hunger?

4.In your own words, explain how psychologists define motivation, and the perspectives from which they view motivated behavior.


All the work has to be 100percent original.

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As one moves from early adulthood to death, a number of psychological changes usually occur. There are age-related changes which are based on the molecular and cellular changes referred to as the primary aging. On the other hand, there are also controllable factors like lack of adequate exercise and poor …

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