Quantitative vs. Qualitative Presentation

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Presentation

When conducting or evaluating research, it’s important to understand when it’s appropriate to use numeric or nonnumeric data gathering, analysis, and study.

Many careers require an ability to locate, review, and incorporate data and hypothesis testing into outcome-based projects. This assessment requires you to evaluate a quantitative and a qualitative research study.

Imagine that you are instructing students about the differences between qualitative and quantitative research, and you are asked to present this information to your class.

Use the University Library to research 2 journal articles: one that is based on a quantitative study, and one that is based on a qualitative study.

Note: Refer to Table 2.2, “A List of Psychological Journals by Type of Article Published,” located on p. 71 in Ch. 2 of The Process of Research and Statistical Analysis in Psychology, to help you with your search. This list includes both general psychology journals and journals that specialize in a particular area of psychology.

Create a 10- to 12-slide slide presentation in which you analyze both the qualitative and quantitative studies. Address the following in your presentation:

Describe each study and briefly summarize (be sure to clearly label each type of study as either qualitative or quantitative).
Identify the research methods used for each study (e.g., sampling, probability, hypothesis type, testing used to address the problem statement).
Explain the outcomes from each study.
Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative research with specific examples from each study.
Discuss any threats to validity or bias that you may have seen.

Each slide must have 6 to 7 bullet points with 5 to 6 words for each point plus speaker notes. The bulk of your explanation will go in the speaker notes. This is where you will write and put what you would say when giving this presentation to your audience. This is an academic presentation; therefore, keep the bells and whistles to a minimum and make this a clean, professional-looking presentation. It is a visual presentation, so tasteful and related images are expected and appropriate. You also want to select a professional design template; no white backgrounds.

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