Read the short story Button, Button

Read the short story Button, Button

 You need to change the ending of the given story and write your own ending! See the steps to the task”
1. Read the short story: Story_ “Button, Button” .pdf Download Story_ “Button, Button” .pdf
By the way there is a movie version of this story too ( the content details are a bit different from the original story, but it will be fun/ great to watch it in addition to reading the story.
The movie is called THE BOX (2009) featuring Cameron Diaz as the main character)
You will use the STORY ( above) for this assignment not the Movie!
2. Let’s think a different ending for this story. Imagine, right before pushing the button, Norma notices a piece of paper next to the button unit. It was a short letter from her husband Arthur, where he was persuading her not to push the button. So, write your version of Arthur’s persuasive letter – a letter that made Norma change her mind and give up on $50, 000.

If you were Arthur in that story, what would you write ?

3. Type 1page persuasive letter from Arthur for Norma to stop her urge of pushing the button.

***Use your creativity and knowledge of persuasion – give yourself the freedom to create the letter– you do not need to state any of persuasive terms we learned- that’s your knowledge- just give the freedom to your creativity, and your knowledge of persuasion will work into it by itself, so do not focus on what we have learned to use, simply compose the letter- You can do it!

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