Provide a brief conclusion for the movie in a narrative form

Provide a brief conclusion for the movie in a narrative form

Movie: ” Inequality for All” ( 1 Hr 50 Min) available on You tube – Activist Professor Robert Reich-also available on Vudu

Week 1: Assignment 1-Movie:” Inequality for All.”
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Movie Reflection Assignments

You will be completing Reflection Assignments on the eight movies you will be watching during this semester. These are smaller writing assignments to teach reflective and critical thinking regarding the Nursing profession. This course is focused on three topics; Politics, Health Policy and Advocacy. Advocacy is a topic that can be Advocacy for the Profession of Nursing, Advocacy for your patients and their families and Advocacy for a Health Issue or Public concern that impacts the health of your patients or the population in general. You may rent these movies from vendors like You Tube, or Netflix etc.
The Assignment:
Answer the following questions below in a narrative format.

Use appropriate grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Double space your sentences. When you cite any other author works or web content to support your answers,

use APA to cite the work, and create a bibliography page. You will need a cover page or running head for this assignment.

The entire assignment should be at least 3 pages and no more than 5 pages in length not counting the bibliography page. You are required to use two additional sources for your reflection on the movie, to use other sources, like journal articles or articles or web content to support your answers you may, but it is required. So you will need a bibliography page to source that content for this reflection paper. (APA format)!

Make sure you do a brief introduction to the movie you’re discussing in the assignment- include title, topic and identify the conflict or problem the movie addresses.

Research whether the American Nurses Association has a paper or statement that addresses this issue discussed in the movie? If so, state their position.

Provide a brief conclusion for the movie in a narrative form, and summarize the issue and what implications the problem poses for the public or for Health professionals.

Finally-briefly (1-2 sentences) summarize what the next step should be to address the issues or problem suggested in the movie.

Answer the following questions:
1. Identify whether this movie encompasses Politics, Health Policy or Advocacy (what type of Advocacy) or more than one or more of these topics.

Explain why you think the movie touches base on the topic(s) you choose.

2. How did this movie make you feel?

3. Do you feel the subject of the movie is an issue or health problem or topic that Health professionals can be an advocate for?

4. How do you think it could impact you as a future Nursing Professional and your Practice?

5. Do you think the movie presented a discussion of potential solutions or ways to combat the issue or problem? How would you approach the issue or problem? Could a Legislative bill at the state level or federal level help solve the problem or would research monies or federal research funds or grants provide support?

6. Is the problem global and cross international borders? Does that make it harder to address the problem and find solutions for it?

7. Did you like the movie? Why or why not? Were you aware of the issue prior to viewing this movie?


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Provide a brief conclusion for the movie in a narrative form


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