Reflection journal

 Reflection journal

This is an 800-word reflection journal. You need to write about our client’s learning journey for the course and how it helps him in the future and also the film which they made and submitted previously. The course is about creativity and innovation.

From the client:

I play the role as a “Film director” who oversees the whole of the film making, taking charge to manage my team members on video filming, editing, background sounds and choosing of film locations.

Our film overview:

The short clip which we produce is to capture the emotional, heart-warming film that aims to convey a message about unconditional friendship to its audience. Through the film, our team hopes to inspire the audience to stay hopeful in times of adversity, regardless of our limitations and always to be reminded that there are true friends around us.

It shares a non-fictional story about a group of college friends reuniting after graduation. However, prior to the reunion, one of the main characters portraying a recognised, basketball player role, met with an unfortunate accident which completely changed his life. It was a traumatising period for him, as he became withdrawn and isolated from his social circle. His college friends soon discovered his situation which then led him to a discovery of how amazing his friends were and how they played a part in overcoming the adversity that he was facing. And help him to recover.

Additionally, the report will introduce the perceptions and strategies taken by each respective roles and how the collaboration among the distinctive specialisations can bring unity and creativity in delivering our message to the audience by virtue of the film.

Report Structure

Some guideline provided by school on how we should write on the Reflective Journal:

Reflect – (header 1) – 280 words

The reflective piece is not a log or a diarised exposition of what took place over the semester.

Rather you must address the emotional and cognitive journey which you have undertook, that is, what where your initial expectations of the course were and how (if at all) they have changed over the journey.

Points to write about:

  • Macro view the entire course in creativity (my expectation)
    • This course is different from other modules, as the assignment is not focusing on business theory but about video making. And also focus on creativity and innovation.
    • expect the course to be fun and rewarding as video making is something new to me
  • The film and my role
    • My role: Film Director
      • My role is to control the overall production making sure that the film is in good quality and brings out the story which we trying to tell
      • How did your role within the group effect the way you say Creativity, Innovation?
        • Our team consist of producer, video editor, script writer, lightings and sound effects. This requires teamwork and collaboration as everyone thinks differently – so we learn how to work together
        • Before taking up the role, I thought it is all about creativity and innovation. After that, I feel that having teamwork and willingness to listen, discuss and brain stomp together is needed to bring out the creativity and innovation.

b.No exams compared to other courses, so I’m looking forward/keen for the course to start

b.About the film: It’s touching/heartwarming film and its about a friend who got into accident and unable to play his basketball as he is in wheelchair. But his friends are there to help him up and accompany him for physiotherapy. Trying to bring out to the audience that true friends are always there to help.

Reveal – (header 2) – 270 words

You must also highlight your learning outcomes, and explain how those learning outcomes will affect their behaviour in the future. Areas such as the creative process, conflict management, team cohesion, communication and planning etc must all be discussed and considered as part of the journey.

You must always support these experiences with a theoretical foundation, largely because only a reflection based on a sound theoretical foundation can a true represent a reflective journey.

Points to write about:

  • Thinking beforehand, assumptions and perception currently held
  • Findings during, discovery challenges and surprises
    • After the video filming/shooting, we went back to compile and edit the clip but realized that the angle of the clip was not what we wanted on some of the scenes and we also exceed our total clip limit.
    • All of our team members are working full time, I felt is it challenging to request everyone to come back on other days to re-film. And also cut short on the some of the areas to ensure it is within the time limit.
    • Surprisingly everyone is very cooperative and willing to reshoot on some of the scenes despite their busying working schedule.
  • Learning afterwards, insights and new wisdom
    • During the re-film/shoot we learned that we should not only take one angle, therefore we took multiple angles for the same scenes to ensure that we have more options to choose from when doing editing.
    • We also combine some of the scenes together during the reshoot so that we can cut short on video yet still brings out the message which we trying to deliver to our audience.
  • In what ways do you feel that the course will assist you in dealing with future challenges and opportunities (give examples).
    • Pre-planning is always very important
    • Ensure there is always an alternative when dealing with future challenges and opportunities

Resources (header 3) – 170 words

Evidence from your reflection log or journal

Cognitive strength from the gibbs reflective cycle

  • Description
  • Feelings
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Action plan

Conclusion (header 4) – 80

Sum up everything, a short one

Provide 2 Referencing for Resources header

Have to be in Harvard format

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