Remote Deposit capture project

Remote Deposit capture project

Remote Deposit capture project

Part 6: Project Human Resource Management

You want to make sure that the final testing of the remote capture software goes well. You will have people from your project team and both suppliers involved in the testing. You need to clarify who needs to do what, and you need to provide proper motivation for everyone involved, including the testers. Recall that the team members include you (project manager), Mike and Sophie (IT department), Carlos and Joanna (marketing), John (purchasing department), Christian (Code Corp.), and Alexandra (DevAn). Assume you also have 20 customers involved in the final testing of the software, with five of them on-site and the rest testing remotely from their home or work Internet connections.


1.Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix based on the following information: The main tasks that need to be done for final customer testing are:

    1. determine the demographics for the customer testers
    2. find the testers
    3. develop the test
    4. prepare the facilities for the on-site testing
    5. create the survey and other methods for getting customer feedback-less than 4 questions
    6. analyze the results

Prepare a RACI chart to help clarify roles and responsibilities for these customer-testing tasks. Document key assumptions you make in preparing the chart.

Part 7: Project Communications Management

You are in the fourth month of the project and several issues have arisen. Christian, from Code Corp. said that their initial labor estimate was too low because you did not provide complete specifications or mention their involvement in the final customer testing. Everyone thought that the remote capture application would be easy to develop, but now Code Corp. increased its cost estimate by $100,000. John, the purchasing specialist, does not like the main scanner supplier selected and went straight to the project sponsor to voice his opposition. He said that recent negative press against that company would not sit well with many of the bank’s conservative customers. You know that by changing the main scanner hardware, Code Corp. would have to do even more coding, increasing the cost again. Mike, one of the information technology specialists, came and told you that he feels overwhelmed on the project and doesn’t understand all the work the suppliers are doing. As project manager, you have been getting short, weekly status reports from all of your team members and suppliers and many of them did not address challenges people are obviously facing.


1.Create an issue log for the project. List at least three issues and related information based on the scenario presented.

2.In addition to written weekly status reports, what else might you suggest to improve project communications? Summarize your ideas in a one-page paper

3.Write a one and one page paper describing how you might approach two of the conflicts described above. Explain the conflict-handling mode you are suggesting and why you think it would work.

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This in line with the final with this project objectives which aims at making sure that everything goes well. Given the fact that only five customers are testing on the site the rest are will be testing remotely. Therefore these testers needs to articulate clearly and briefly…

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