Program Evaluation

 The topic for this project will be a nonprofit organization called Center For Family and Child Enrichment (CFCE) located in Miami, FL. I want to propose a new unit in the organization called “SAFE PLACE” I use to work for CFCE and Many times, we would have multiple children sleeping overnight in the office with case managers working overtime because one person has not found a placement for them yet (a foster home). I want to propose a unit called Safe place or something that is a temporary stay for children until a foster home is found or placement is found for them when they are removed from the home or from their placement that was not working out. And expanding the unit to add more workers to help find placement. Which this project you also have to create a budget, explain who would run this unit? Personal choices? Food provided? Janitorial services? Transportation? Security? and explain how it will benefit the organization.

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