Research Critique on Nursing Education

Research Critique on Nursing Education

Assignment Title: Research Critique
Step 4 for your Evidence-Based Practice Mini-Project (Research Proposal)
Assignment Overview:
Since your EBP Research Proposal does not include completing the entire research process, e.g., collecting data, statistics, or findings, you will do a critique of a Level of Evidence I-IV research article there is a rubric related to this critique that you will follow.
The final copy of your Research Critique assignment is due on or before Sunday at 11:59pm, just before Week 5 begins, at the latest. Be sure to use the file naming protocol: NUR640_EBP
Assignment Details:
For this assignment, you will write a research critique of a research article. It does not have to be an article similar to what you would do in a Research Proposal. It can be a research article that you find scholarly and would like to delve into more deeply. The critique does need to be a LeveI I-Level IV level of evidence. Use the discernment gained from your Week 4 Discussion regarding whether your
article is credible, and use that to answer a section in your research critique.
Include the Following Sections that are noted on your research critique, and use your textbook if you are unsure of what each of these headings mean.

  1. Purpose
  2. Conceptual Framework
  3. Design/Method
  4. Sampling/Setting
  5. Major variables studied and their definition
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Study Findings
  8. Overall strengths and weaknesses of the study, e.g. reliability and validity, ethics (IRB), topic,

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