Research paper about history of the moon

Research paper about history of the moon

İt will be 6 pages with 5 sources in the 3 quotes at the list also we need 3 paraphase we can use with the pictures
so you know english is my second language and we need to be careful because if you do with the great grammer my teacher will understand and i need to past so this is so important
6 hours ago
it is gonna be 6 pages we need 5 sources with the 3 quotes and 3 paraphrase

my topic is history of the moon

like why moon is bright ?

why moon is sometimes different color ?

why does the moon look big ?

is the moon spherical ?

how did moon get its name ?

is the moon really hollow?

honestly you can write everything about the moon and make sure to use with the pictures



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The moon is said to have come into existence around 4.51 billion ages ago, which was not a long time before the earth formation. This is according to scientists and researchers, but on the other hand, some people tend to believe in myths and religions that the creation of the moon is a phenomenon, and no one can clearly explain how it came to existence (Barboni, Boehnke, Young & McKeegan, 2017).

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