Research paper on the Coldwar

Research paper on the Coldwar

NB: the primary source is supposed to be listed first.

Looking to do my Research paper on the Coldwar. But for this I need a bibliography first I have an example of one . I need 1 or 2 Main sources along with 5-7 preferably secondary sources.

Any information can also relate to some of this:

Recognize how historical and current events impact American culture and society in the 21st Century and beyond.

Explain how history is written by a commentator with a particular point of view.

Examine one historical social movement or policy and its impact on modern society.

Describe a historical technological innovation and how the movement impacted modern American society.

Identify important figures who shaped America’s history.

Prepare and submit a bibliography documented in APA format listing sources you will use for your research paper. You are required to have at least 6 sources including one primary source.

A primary source is a first-hand account of a person, event, or idea. Primary sources provide the “evidence” from which historians construct their vision of the past.

A secondary source is a source constructed by historians and others by piecing together primary sources. A primary source does not mean a better resource – it simply refers to a creation contemporary to the events being examined.

I have attatched an example.

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Melvyn and Painter are Edward Stettinius Professor and associate professor respectively. They have specialized in American History and History respectively. In this volume of book, Melvyn & Painter, give detailed information concerning the beginning of the Cold War. It explains why and how it…
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