Rhetorical Analysis Essay

 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

For this assignment you will do a 1 page research proposal prepare a research proposal composing a proposal .Below is an outline of the research proposal. Attache dis my paper on Rhetorical Analysis Essay to help guild you on the Proposal . The proposal should be in MLA Style

Below is the outline for the research proposal :

  1. Discussion of the Topic
  2. Indication of your specific focus
  3. Explanation of why you’re interested in the topic
  4. Research Plan
  5. Schedule

Remember, the topic must be on Rhetorical Analysis Essay and you need access to the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell pages 189 through 254.

Characteristic Features:

A research proposal should say clearly and succinctly what you want to research and how you’ll go about doing so. You’ll need to have done some preliminary background research first. Most of all, remember that the proposal is basically an argument. Your goal is to demonstrate that your project is worth doing and feasible given the time and resources you have available. Your proposal should cover the following ground.

  • A discussion of the topic
  • An indication of your specific focus
  • An explanation of why you’re interested in the topic–remember to demonstrate how your topic was inspired by our reading(s).
  • A research plan
  • A schedule

A discussion of the topic: Explain what your topic is and give any necessary background information. Give some sense of any issues or controversies you want to investigate. Finally, say why the topic matters—so what, and who cares?

An indication of your specific focus: As much as you can at this point, say what your research focus will be, including the research question you plan to pursue and tentative thesis.

An explanation of why you’re interested in the topic. Briefly explain what you already know about your topic and why you’ve chosen to pursue this line of inquiry about it. You might describe any course work, reading, or work you’ve done that contributes to your knowledge and interest. Also note what you don’t yet know but intend to find out through your research.

A research plan: Explain how you plan to investigate your research question: what type of source you’ll need and what your research methods will be. Will you conduct library and internet research? If you plan to do field research*, what do you have in mind?

A schedule: Break your project into tasks and sketch out a schedule, taking into account the writing you’ll need to do. Include any specific tasks required, such as in rough drafts or an annotated bibliography.

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Course: English 101

Proposal rhetorical analysis essay
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