Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet

Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet

My 1st Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet

Watch the Commencement Address by Admiral William H. McRaven at University of Texas at Austin 2014:

Speaker: Naval Admiral William McRaven, the 9th commander of U.S. Special Operation Command; Distinguished Alumnus.

The Title of the Speech/the video: “If you want to change the world makes your bed”

Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBAqF00gBGk

Task: Consider the questions below. Answer briefly. 

  • You will later consider your answers of these questions for Assignment 1B- where you will write a brief analysis of the speech.

Consider the following questions to help you generate ideas for Rhetorical Analysis. Type Your answers below.

***Type your responses and explanations on this worksheet under each question or on a separate document and then upload

on Canvas/Assignments. Remember, that this worksheet will be only graded for completion; we will discuss your responses

 (in class or via zoom for online classes) and then you will revise and rewrite your rhetorical response to this video speech.

  1. PURPOSE: What is the main purpose of the speech Explain (YOUR OPINION)?
  • AUDIENCE: Who is (are) the target audience? Is the speech referring ONLY to the graduation students?  Who else can benefit from these words? Explain why.

                Rhetorical Appeals

  • PATHOS: How is the speaker appealing to his audiences’ emotions? What kind of emotions is the speaker evoking in his audience?
  • KAIROS: (In persuasion this means “The right rhetorical situation: the right time/ right place/ right audience”)

Explain briefly if this was a powerful speech addressing graduating students on the day of their Graduation Ceremony?

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