Science Fiction

Science Fiction

1. Review visiting science fiction writers including Monica Byrne and Jeff Vandemeer. Be sure to write about any ideas that emerge in these reading that relate to any aspects of our own course materials.

2. the review of the reading must also have at least two quotations from two of the texts we’ve read . you must make specific comparisons with course materials in terms of offering insights and reflections. (we have read : Childhood’s End, The Handmaid’s Tale, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Never Let Me Go, Frankenstein, Borne, War of the Worlds)

I will send you some information about Monica Bryne and Jeff Vandemeer.

Hello, here are the information, I found the reading of Monica Byrne in her website, but i did not find Jeff Vandemeer. Please go to find more about him, Thanks.

Please be sure to use at least two quotations from the two of the text book!! Thanks.

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One of the primary characteristics of science fiction is that it is often fictional, which implies that the author of such a story often has the liberty to write as he or she wishes. However, Monica Byrne noted that there had been too much focus on dystopian…
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