Select a company that has violated an HR law

Select a company that has violated an HR law

Imagine that you are a HR manager within that organization. You have been tasked with developing a training to help prevent future violations of the HR law.

Compile research and information to include in your training.

Address the following in 700 to 1,050 words from your research:

  • Summarize the situation.
  • Discuss the law’s requirements. Include information regarding what the law does, how it is executed, and the execution gaps of your selected organization.
  • Recommend steps that organizational leadership should take in order to avoid challenges such as this one from happening in the future

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Most of the employees within the informal sector often suffer from lack of knowledge of the employee rights in the hands of equally uninformed supervisors. Notably, there are high chances that the qualification levels for employment in the informal sector may not require…

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