Sexual Harassment, Power & Vulnerability (Age Of Donald Trump)

Sexual Harassment, Power & Vulnerability (Age Of Donald Trump)

I recommend producing at least 10-12 pages for the first draft (suggested length excludes notes and bibliography). It must be typed, double spaced, paginated, in 12-point standard serif font such as Times New Roman. It must be fully proof-read and edited. See Canvas module on Assignment Help for detailed formatting instructions. A first draft is not a rough draft!

Ensure its chicago formating with foot notes

Your first draft will be graded on:

  • Use of the Scholarly Literature
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Quality of thesis and argument
  • Quality of writing / Clarity of presenting ideas / Organization of essay

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Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination leveled against an individual based on his/her sexual orientation. This type of discrimination is a crime for which often its undertones are directly linked to the need for control…

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