Social Conditioning Reflection

Social Conditioning Reflection

We often condition ourselves into certain roles and behaviors because of our perceptions of self, misperceptions, heuristics, and personal biases. In some cases, we have fallen trap to social conditioning in terms of attitudes, behaviors, and roles.

Reflect on these instances in your life.

Provide at least 2 examples of significant instances of when this has occurred in your life.

Describe each instance in at least 700 to 1,050 words total. Address the following in your reflection:

What led to these incidents?
What were your personal biases, misperceptions, or preconceived notions that led to these incidents?
Reflect on your attitudes and behaviors during these incidents.
How can you spot incidents like these in the future?
Provide recommendations of how you can overcome these situations in the future.
Discuss how these strategies align with the recommendations in the readings.

Submit your assignment APA format. Include an introduction and conclusion/summary

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APA Format, 2124 words

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