What is the sociological perspective?

What is the sociological perspective?

Based on the assigned reading, answer all the following questions in your own words. Please make sure you write in complete sentences, and your answers are written clearly enough to be understood. If you do not understand one of the concepts, discuss what is unclear to you. All of your answers, together, must make up 150 words or more for you to earn credit.

1. Define the sociological imagination? Give an example of how something considered to be a personal problem, like addiction, is tied to the larger social structures in our society such as the institutions of (economics, health care, education, family, politics, or economics. (You may use something other than addiction if you like)
2. What is the sociological perspective?
3. How are things that we take to be natural, socially constructed?
4. Define structural-functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionist theories? List at least two major basic assumptions that distinguish each theory.

APA reference only the attached class book



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What is the sociological perspective


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