Spiritual Life and Leadership

Spiritual Life and Leadership

Reread:  Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, Chapter 5,
“The Conundrum of Calling.”

  1. For your journal entry of 1-2 pages, revisit your call.  Use the
    following questions to help describe your call to ministry.
    a.  How and when did you receive your call?
    b. How did you know it was God”s calling?
    c. To what were you called?  This question is important for a number
    of reasons, your satisfaction with being in ministry, or even your

continuation as a minister is often dependent upon knowing that
you are actually within the will of God.  What, exactly, has God
called you to do?  If you are unsure today, just state that.  You
may have been certain of the answer last week, but unsure today. 
Often the call is discerned and re-discerned.  It is part of the long
d. What are you doing in ministry right now?  Is it within or outside of
your calling? This is an important question because many of us in
ministry find ourselves doing things that are completely outside of
the boundaries of our calling.

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